Children develop quickly in their early years and our aim is to do all we can to help them to have the best possible start in life. We feel responsible for their harmonious growth and are committed to surround them with objects that encourage play, movement and creativity. The functional and playful furniture we design can be arranged in various ways that allow your child to explore, build and move around in a visually calm space. Our accessories provide an opportunity to introduce colours, shapes and textures thereby supporting the development of senses through play.


Protecting our environment is equally important for us. We are responsible for the resources we use and the impact they have: we consciously make eco-friendly choices and use long lasting, natural materials wherever we can.


The extremely durable wool felt we use is 100% natural, biodegradable, renewable as well as flame retardant, heat resistant and quick-drying. 


We wanted to use a material that impedes developing allergies or allergic reactions. We have chosen to use hypoallergenic polyester because of its resistance to mold and dust mites.


All products are made in Hungary. Established in 1961, Beriv Inc is one of the few places left in Hungary where high quality commercial sewing skills and technology still exist. As an ethical and environmentally responsible manufacturer they have worked with and are trusted by some of the best known names in the fashion industry. They have built an outstanding reputation with their clients who all demand the highest standards of manufacture, for example Stella McCartney, Strenesse and Alexander McQueen. To find out more about Beriv Inc please contact us.


The highly durable products comply with the most restrictive manufacturing and safety standards making them the perfect match for unstoppable children. Our swings and ropes have been checked and approved by the independent testing organization TÜV.